Essay about The Slave Trade Act Of 1807

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In 1807, American congressmen ended the Atlantic slave trade, bringing America one step closer to abolishing slavery entirely. However, the Slave Trade Act of 1807 did little to slow slavery’s influence in America. The brand-new cotton gin revived the southern economy during the early 1800’s and intensified the flow of slavery into the west. As a result, slaves were regularly bought, sold, and transported throughout the Cotton Kingdom as desirable commodities, embodying and increasing the southerners’ wealth. Through the dehumanization of African-Americans, the monetary value assigned to slaves, and the mobility of the slave trade, it was evident that slavery was the business of trading people as commodities to further benefit the white slaveholders. The dehumanization that slaves endured resulted from being labeled as commodities instead of as American citizens with protected rights. To illustrate, on auction blocks where they “were stripped, examined, and assigned meaning according to the brutal…slaveholding ideologies” , African-American slaves were dehumanized and “turned into products”. Slaves were denied their unalienable human right to privacy as every detail and flaw were scrutinized to degrade their self-confidence, making them submissive to their masters. Because African-Americas occupied the role of being slaves in American society, they laboriously served their masters like replaceable livestock such as “horses and other cattle” . They were understood to have…

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