The Singer Solution to World Poverty Essay

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In the New York Times Article “ the Singer Solution to World Poverty” the author Peter Singer argues that there is no reason why Americans don’t donate money to the needy when they can afford countless of luxury that are not essential to the preservation of their lives and health. Singer pursue the audience with two different situations trying to motivate the reader to donate money instantly.

The fist situation comes from a Brazilian film, Central Station in which a woman called Dora, a retired schoolteacher, has to persuade a homeless nine years old boy to a family that will adopt him in order to make a thousand dollars. Dora deliver successfully the boy into his new family, and she receives the thousand dollars. After spending some
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Comparing this fact with the television’s importance was for Dora. Therefore, Singer asked the audience the ethical distinction between Dora and an American family which doesn’t donate money to save children’s lives.

Singer relates the stories of Bob and Dora to the argument about American not donating to the poor. Added to this, Singer make a difference between Dora’s situation and Bob’s situation. Dora has already made contact with the little boy and Bob cannot see the boy clearly because he is too far away from him.
In addition, Singer named himself as an utilitarian philosopher, which means that he judges according to the consequences. In fact, Dora was right because she saved the child’s life and Bob was wrong because the boy died. However, Singer said he doesn’t expect the audience to realized that, but he highlights that:

“there is a troubling incongruity in being so quickly to condemn Dora for taking the child to the organ peddlers while, at the same time, not regarding the American consumer’s behavior as raising a serious moral issue.”

In fact, according to Singer’s belief that the results determine whether a decision is wrong or right, how come we condemn Bob’s action but we don’t considerate donate money instead of buying thing of luxuries and necessities when the consequence is more children dying. We have

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