Theme Of Innocence In Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

The Rogue of Maycomb
Subconsciously human’s conjures up a depiction of what is otherwise the unknown. Could be that the unknown is the embodiment of innocence but one will convince himself otherwise. Innocence is the lack of guilt or wrongdoing and thus is synonymous with Mockingbirds, who bring no harm to society rather sing their hearts out for anyone lucky enough to listen. In Harper lee’s, To kill A Mockingbird, the quiet and small town of Maycomb seems to constantly with rumors about a recluse by the name of Boo Radley. The narrator shows the portal of the town and the injustices that are carried out due to prejudices. The proven to be innocent character of Mr. Radley is exploited by Maycomb’s society and citizens. Thus, Mockingbird,
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They have speculated and fabricated his life and have passed those tales down from generation to generation. According to Scout, Boo Radley gets blamed for a lot of the deleterious deeds that occur in Maycomb, in one instance when a series of terrifying nocturnal events took place, with household pets and chicken being found mutilated, the town channeled their suspicion towards Mr. Radley. “Although the culprit was Crazy Addie,..people still looked at the Radley’s place unwilling to discard their initial suspicion” (9). Despite knowing better as the adults in the situation, the citizens of Maycomb have turned Boo Radley into a nightmarish persona all due to the numerous rumours tied to his namesake. Scout recollects Miss Stephanie’s, the town’s gossip queen, telling of the rumour regarding the heinous crime Boo Radley committed. “As Mr. Radley passed by, Boo drove the scissors into his parent’s leg, wiped them on his pants and resumed his activities” (11). To be so nonchalant when stabbing one’s own parent is rightfully reserved as downright evil. Yet this story, verified solely by the town 's gossip queen, is not one with much value especially since almost everyone that detailed Boo Radley’s life knew close to nothing about Boo Radley, minus the numerous rumours of course. And this reckless detailing of a man’s life serves only to slander his …show more content…
He is viewed as an outsider intruding into the lives of Maycomb citizens. They have turned him into nothing but a rumor, and that is exactly how the kids of Maycomb view him, his existence to them is tied with tales spun by generations before them. Yet the character that is revealed to the readers through the eyes of Scout Finch is one who is the personification of selflessness. It is not rare for a being to be so falsely accused of misconduct, and to be churned in the rumor mill for people’s entertainment. It seems that in everyday life people come across speculations and fabrications and they gladly believe them because it is easier to do then to go and hunt for the truth but it would be so that behind their back someone is readily waiting to speculate and

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