The Shock And Horror Of The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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The shock and horror of the assassination of John F. Kennedy will stand as one of the more tragic events of the time. Most anyone who was alive at the time remembers vividly the day the assassination occurred as it was the death of one of the greatest presidents of all time. The effects of this assassination continue to live to this day and are the basis of the current presidential security system. The assassination of John F. Kennedy sparked the encounter of new guidelines for presidential security which changed safety regulations for years to come. Could more intense security precautions have saved Kennedy? John F. Kennedy was a largely admired and respected man. When Richard Nixon lost the election to Kennedy in 1960, Kennedy made a promise to the United States that he would do whatever he could to make our country a cohesive unit. (Inauguration Speech) His main focus was on United States foreign policy and the goal to end communism, which he majorly helped. He also promised Americans his assistance with fighting poverty, city development and the expansion of government programs. (Peace Corps) is To the shock of his family and all of America, on November 22, 1963, president Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning in Dallas, Texas (Death of a President). Kennedy 's had plans in Dallas to promote himself for the upcoming reelection. He was going to travel in the presidential motorcade through a bigger than expected crowd. He knew that votes from the South were…

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