Essay on The Separation Of India From The British Empire

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Very few people have changed the course of history. Even less have helped to create a country, yet Muhammad Ali Jinnah has done both. He was a lawyer, a politician, and he was the man who led the act of creating Pakistan, a country in South Asia. This astonishing performance happened in 1947, years after Jinnah wanted it to be reality. Jinnah had a large role in the creation of Pakistan and left a questionable legacy in the process.

Years before, and during the creation of Pakistan, India was ruled by the British and Indians hated the way the British ruled their country. Some in India, such as Mohandas Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah helped India and Pakistan separate from the British Empire. They tried for years before they made it happen. The separation of India from the British Empire was “a shameful event to the most important project in Britain’s imperial enterprise” (Sinkler, 26).

During the time that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was fighting to make his vision become reality, many other things were happening in the beginning, through the middle of the 20th century around the world and even in the same country. This includes the Indonesian National Revolution, the Greek Civil War, and the separation of India from the British Empire.

Before the separation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer and a politician. Jinnah withdrew from politics in 1921, giving him time to work in law and to think and make Pakistan reality before he died. The thought of creating a country or division…

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