The Second Cause Of The Valley Effect Essay

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Venues underutilized
The second cause of the ‘valley effect’ is that venues have been underutilized after the Olympic Games. Many Olympic Games need of venues, but after the Olympic Games, the government have a serious issue: the venues idle and heavy conservation costs. A city to host the Olympic Games, who must build the construction of the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Village. But when the Olympic Games is over these venues are hard to be fully utilized. The first reason is that the rent of these Olympic venues are expensive, and these lease costs are often higher than in other venues. Such as the rental of Beijing Wukesong stadium need cost 80,000 pounds or less one day. But the rental of ‘bird nest’ stadium is as high as 300,000 pounds. (Baidu) Thus if a company need rent a venue, they tend to rent Beijing Wukesong Stadium because that is more affordable. The second reason is many venues are restricted facilities. Such as Beijing beach volleyball stadium that rarely host other commercial activities. But the Chinese people do not like beach volleyball and rarely host beach volleyball games. Therefore, in order to reduce government costs, the construction of the 2008 Olympic Games beach volleyball stadium is closed now.

From the situation of the past five Olympic Games, whether it is an open commercial operation first of its kind in Los Angeles Olympic Games, or as known as the most successful Olympic Games in Sydney, this problem appear in varying degrees of idle…

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