The Second Call Of My Name Essay

2123 Words Oct 18th, 2016 9 Pages
At the third call of my name, my eyes are fully open and they begin to adjust. The place I’m in is dark and I’m getting an eerie feeling. I slowly sit up from whatever I am lying in and I look around the dark, chilling room, but all I can see is black as if someone has blindfolded me. I lift my hands up to my face to feel for a cloth or rag, but I am just met with the skin and peach fuzz on my face and jawline.
“Ah...finally, you’re awake.” I hear the same voice call out in the darkness.
I look around me again searching for a face to the voice. A moment later he speaks again. “Oh, I apologize,” he gleams. “A second later a bright teal light comes from in front of me. As my eyes adjust to the brightness, I notice a teal holographic figure displayed on a glass-like wall about 5 yards from where I am.
On the wall is a five-foot tall face of a 20-something year old man with a fully trimmed beard. He wears a sinister smile on his face.
Confused, I ask the first thing that comes to my mind, “Where am I.”
The man hesitates slightly before answering, “Well…you’re still in San Francisco... if that’s what you’re asking, but not a thing to worry about, you’re safe.”
I slowly find my way off the bed, onto my feet and I start to walk around the room, searching for any sign of freedom, or any other signs of life.
I find nothing.
I try to remember how I got here, what I was doing before. Suddenly... my mind goes back, back to one thing, back to the most…

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