Essay on The Second Battle Of Winterfell

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Let’s get this out of the way right up front: the Second Battle of Winterfell, the titular Battle of the Bastards, does for medieval and fantasy warfare what Steven Spielberg did for World War II cinema in Saving Private Ryan. The intensity of the battle, the intimacy, the choice to stay in narrow focus on Jon Snow in the midst of chaos during an extended long-shot, all worked together to create an experience that had me not only on the edge of my seat, but holding my breath as I watched. But more on that later – let’s begin with beginnings.

The episode opens on Mereen, where the Masters are continuing to bombard the city. It’s daylight – so we know the attack has been ongoing for some time. Dany is giving Tyrion her best not-amused face, and he’s doing that rarest of things – acting at a loss for words. It seems more pro forma than anything else, however, as she isn’t calling him out. In fact, he’s the one that ends up calling her out, when she tells him that her intention is to kill all the Masters, and to burn their cities to the ground. He tells her what Mad King Aerys planned to do to King’s Landing when the Lannister forces were arrayed outside its gates, and hints that should she follow through with her plans, she will simply be fulfilling her father’s “promise.” The fact that he planned to burn the city to the ground with wildfire – all the while expecting to be transformed into a dragon himself – spoke to his insanity, and Tyrion’s words serve as a warning to…

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