The Scottish Curriculum For Excellence Essay

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Above all, The Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) requires all teachers to cover experiences and outcomes from health and wellbeing that address information on food and nutrition. In the early and first level experiences and outcomes teachers are required to educate pupils on foods that contribute to a healthy diet and how different foods keep children healthy. In addition to this, healthy eating is embedded within all areas in the curriculum such as in literacy, maths and physical education (Education Scotland, 2014). Through the teaching of CfE, “children will acquire knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and help to establish life long healthy eating habits” (The Scottish Government, 2014). More over, children will learn about the origin of different foods and receive the opportunity to choose, taste and prepare different foods (Education Scotland, 2010). The CfE experiences and outcomes ensure that all children are provided with the correct knowledge and understanding on the importance of healthy eating and in addition, teachers are able to provide children with numerous different opportunities to learn about all aspects of having a healthy and nutritious diet throughout the curriculum.

A recent study aimed to develop the education taught to children on the topic of nutrition. The intent of the study was to enhance children’s knowledge and understanding of the nutritional content of different foods by providing thorough education on all aspects…

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