The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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In The Scarlet Letter,by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne, an adulterer, is confronted by her husband, Roger Chillingworth, while she is in prison. While Mr. Chillingworth is there he tells Hester that because of the A on her chest she will always be "a living sermon against sin" , a constant reminder of what not to do, and a warning of the consequences of sin. However Roger is mistaken in that belief because while Hester Prynne did face extreme prejudice for a substantial amount of time following her sentencing, as the years pass that hatred starts to dwindle. The reason for this dwindling is twofold, part of it being as time goes by seeing Hester with her red A on became a common sight and with nothing to kindle their fury they slowly became more accepting of Hester, since “ to the credit of human nature, that, except where its selfishness is brought into play, it loves more readily than it hates” (110). The other part is that Hester starts to win their respect since she shows the town kindness and is always shown to be willing to help those in need. The Puritans’ anger fades and Hester replaces it with love, or at the very least tolerance and is no longer a sermon against sin since she is no longer thought of as a bad person.
Hester Prynne was found guilty of adultery and having an illegitimate child at the beginning of the book. For her crimes she was forced to wear a scarlet A on her chest at all times as a way to not only identify her as an adulterer but also to…

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