The Salem Witch Trials By Joseph R. Mccarthy Essay

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When a man was crushed under the enormous weight of boulders, stones, and rocks, he was not accused of being a murderer, or being a thief, or even the worst sin of adultery. This man was unable to confess the names of alleged, “witches” within the Salem Village of Massachusetts.This mans name was Giles Corey, and he was one of the many innocent victims killed during the Salem Witch Trials. With many problems facing people throughout the centuries, the Salem Witch Trials, the, “Red Scare” and the Paranoia of the Ebola outbreak in America may have been the most shocking events that has happened in American History. The Salem Witch Trials started due to the belief of witchcraft within the village when Young women and a Slave named Tituba practiced fortune telling tricks of voodoo and were caught. this led to an outbreak of false accusation within the village to save these girls skin. The, “Red Scare” committed by Joseph R. Mccarthy put many people in a trance. it also set an example of how just one man can turn one event into a catastrophe. the Paranoia of the Ebola outbreak in America is the most recent “witch-hunt.” this witch hunt, although a ridiculous one, made 2 people who were allegedly accused of having Ebola, lose their jobs and made many people very angry with the decisions. these witch-hunts put much fear into the eyes of citizens in America and most accusations were fueled by fear.

Most witch hunts impacted the American society in many negative ways. This put fear…

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