The Salem Witch Hysteria And The Trials Essay

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To date, the Salem Witch hysteria and the resulting trials have baffled historians and psychologists, causing them to be unable to provide a definite answer as to why Salem was thrust into hysteria and panic. But there are still some ideas as that give insight to what might have caused the start of the trials. The most logical of the ideas is the Salem villagers ' religion and belief in the occult/supernatural which fueled the fire to start the hysteria. The beliefs and religion of Puritans during the 1600s affected the start of the trials immensely. Events that occurred before and around the start of the Salem witch hysteria also played a prominent role in causing the trials to occur. Finally, the villagers fear of the supernatural and occult had the biggest effect on the starting of the Salem Witch Trials. The beliefs and superstitions of Salem village were the motivating factor for the trials to begin, and turn into what is known about them today. To understand the motivation and emotions that resulted in the Salem Witch hysteria, one must first understand some events that occurred before and around the time of the trials. The Salem Witch Trials were not the first time witch hysteria had broken out. From about 1560-1660 Europe was experiencing their hysterical period due to supposed witchcraft. Often during this time period things such as crop failure, disease, bad weather, and other hardships and misfortunes were attributed to witchcraft. So to many people in the…

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