The Saints And The Roughnecks Essay

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For the Saints and the Roughnecks, class was a big factor into how resistance was accepting in school for one group and not the other. Being seen as good students, who were involved in a variety of activities, the Saints, who were upper-middle class, were able to skip class and participate in deviant behavior because they hid behind a façade. As well, they had access to more resources, for example cars, that allowed them the luxury to avoid getting caught. The community responded harsher to the Roughnecks as they were the ones who were caught. As well, it is a sad social fact that those students who behave badly and are of a lower class are just reckless, hopeless youth. On the other hand, those who are upper class are perceived as boys just being boys. To further elaborate on the influence of class, Bullshit as resistance showed again how this façade created by high class students (that of involvement, desire to go to college, etc.) allowed them to cut corners and manipulate the school system. This was something that was quite prevalent at my high school. Many students would not study or do their work, but were still able to receive high grades as they worked the teachers and had their parents call and complain. The impact of race, as well as gender, on the issue of resistance was shown in the article From Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Male Masculinity. The “hidden curriculum” that was discussed showed that the school operated on the ideas of the…

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