The Rule Of The Monarchy Essay

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God in the Monarchy

In Europe, during the seventeenth century, it was common to find monarchies. England and France had two different types of monarchy. Not all monarchies were constitutional in Europe. At the period of time it was easy to see Absolutism and Constitutionalism as a form of government. Most of the monarchs were men with the exception of England. Two important reigns were in Europe. One was in England with Queen Elizabeth I and the other one was in France with King Louis XIV. He became a King at the age of five. Louis XIV was born to be a king of France. In contrast Queen Elizabeth I was declared illegitimate to the throne because she was the daughter of the second wife of King Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth I and King Louis XIV flight to maintain power, religion, and strong political character through their monarchies. In England, Queen Elizabeth I, her reign was constitutional monarch which is Queen’s Elizabeth powers were limited by law. It is important to mention that be a queen is a political figure who not exactly shows her own believes, although Queen Elizabeth I can said different things from her believes in order to rule the kingdom. Queen Elizabeth I achieves her goals as a Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth I was the leader of England with the Parliamentary. Existed different documents related to Queen Elizabeth I, one of the documents is Queen Elizabeth’s Response to the Parliament’s Request that She Marry. In this document clearly showed that…

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