The Romantic Era Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Romanticism was a literary, intellectual, and artistic movement which began in the second half of the eighteenth century in Western Europe and gained strength during the European Industrial Revolution. The Romantic Movement responds to emotion rather than reason, is excited by mystery rather than persuaded by clarity, listens more intently to the individual conscience than to the demands of society, and prefers rebellion to acceptance. Writers during this time period wrote literature that was a clear reflection of Romanticism, and one of those authors was Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly. Her novel Frankenstein, published in 1818 includes the emphasis on the supernatural, and the sublime. It relates to the time period in which it was written with the continued journey into the unknown, in science and exploration, and with the disarray of the world. With an analysis of Victor Frankenstein, Henry Clerval and the monster, it is clear that that the characters of Frankenstein are a direct reflection of the Romantic Era.
Victor Frankenstein’s character greatly exemplifies the idea of romanticism. The Romantic hero, also called the Byronic hero who pursues a Romantic quest is found in romanticism and also in the novel through Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s life story, is a Romantic quest toward self-destruction, and Frankenstein represents the Byronic hero almost exactly. The Byronic hero is not as virtuous as conventional heroes but, instead, has many dark qualities. He is an extremist…

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