The Roman Catholic And Native American Traditions Essay

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There has been positive transformations in the Roman Catholic and Native American traditions. There were struggles that took place in both religious groups before these transitions occurred. Pluralism and ethnicity are two of the most important episodes in the Roman Catholic faith. Ghost Dance and inculturation have contributed significantly to Native American tradition. Each of these changes in both religions have created a more diverse congregation, unity, and collaboration of different cultures coming together as one union. The Struggles

In Native American, tradition there was a struggle for many Natives who were leaving the Catholic churches because they wanted their traditional Indian rituals. In 1978, the Native American Religious Freedom Act was developed. Many Native Americans were trying to fight for their religious freedom from the government suppression. They were denied access to their traditional religious site, was forbidden to use their sacred objects, and were restricted to worship through their traditional means. Over the course of history, there has been an increase of about 2 million American Indians in the US and about 250,000 are Roman Catholic. Albanese states, “In the early twenty-first century, half a million Native American in over 300 nations and tribal groups have identified themselves as Catholics.”(Albanese, 2013). Another struggle in Native American tribes was the fight for their lands from the whites. The Ghost Dance was used…

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