The Role of Religion in History Essay

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The Role of Religion in History

Like most cases in society today, religion plays a large part in the decisions we make and how we live our lives. Whether it be something as simple as believing in a god or any god, obeying the laws of god, or the separation between church and state, religion can have a positive or negative effect in our country. This is not something that only began a few years ago it has been an ongoing belief and controversial topic since ancient history. Whether it be Monotheistic or Polytheistic believe in god or gods there are a few main religions that remained dominant in ancient history; Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Judaism, and Buddhism. After the fall of the Roman Republic emerged the Rise of the Roman
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There are millions of different religions in history. In fact, there are probably some that we have never heard of. Many of those have branched of from Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. However, religion played an important role in our history because it was such a large part of society. Religion united the people but at times was the root of many battles. The Roman Empire for

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