Role Of Religious Media

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The Role of Media and Its Negative Portrayal of Religious Groups Independent Media has a negative impact on people’s perception of two religion conflicting. There are many cases where there have been conflicts due to the history differences of two different religions. The media plays a significant role in the negative portrayal of religious groups. The media portrays a biased notion of religious groups, this can be done by making a religious standpoint seem like the enemy. Several cases where media only shows the negative attributes of a certain conflict and does not show the positives. Media sets up specific religions to always be seen as aggressive or violent. Extremists are presented as normal in the current society, and are not separated between religious and extremist. Media is the reason war is caused by religion.

The most common rivalry between two similar religions is the dispute between the Judaism and Islam. In order to create a one-sided to this dilemma, media must accusate one of the sides as the hero and a side that is an enemy. The initial clash between these two groups of people, was the fight for a
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This is due to media choosing or cutting out specific scenes creating a one sided story in religious war. This is typically caused to create views for media. By getting more views off of this propaganda the channel gains popularity and wealth. The news reporters are forced into showing biased opinions due to the popularity it earns and receives. This can also promote patriotism within a nation, doing so, it can also provide with more recruits in the army. For instance, Fox News, an american news program, typically portrays America as the heroes and Islamic state as the enemy. This creates “us vs. them” mentality which is unhealthy for a country. This can lead to society to having a lousy point of view of islamic people. Media has a huge role in showing the nation the conflicts that are

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