The Role Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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In American life race has played and will continue to be an important role in the criminal justice system. For several years the criminal system has failed to maintain “justice” and will conclude to an answer depending on the victim’s profile. Many cases are taken to court but surprisingly lots of them don’t win or aren’t able to achieve justice for the reason that everything concludes to the same category which is depending on the victims profile. Statistics have shown that the number of African Americans in prison is higher than Whites meaning that eventually race can determine on whether who ends up in jail. Most cases aren’t resolved with an actual justification which leads to incarcerate the wrong victim who then has his live ruined because an unfair move that the judge decided to make without having the accurate information or depending on his thoughts of racism. The media has been able to establish cases around the world of colored people that have been treated unequal to the law causing the majority of the residence and citizens to stand up for their own race and defend their rights. “Each and every person in this world has rights granted but when it comes to justice in court they all disappear” (Stunz). Granted rights are giving to everyone but not being able to establish justice is the reason why the criminal system has faced and will continue to face problems until its collapse will mark the end of discrimination. The attraction that has made its way out…

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