The Role Of Phillis Wheatley On Society Essay

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Throughout our course we have learned about various authors ranging from John Smith to Edgar Allan Poe to Hannah Foster, but one of the most interesting authors that we have learned about has to be Phillis Wheatley. Throughout my essay, I will be discussing the role Phillis Wheatley had on society, the uniqueness of her situation, and the controversy of her poetry. I will also mention the content within her poetry. We had the opportunity to read her poems, On Being Brought Africa to America, To the University of Cambridge, in New England, On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield, 1770, and Thoughts on the Works of Providence. Wheatley did not approve of slavery, which she mentions a little in her poetry, but she does not talk too much about the issue. I believe that she was just oblivious to how bad it really was for others, because she was treated in a humane manner that was not like how other slaves were treated.
Wheatley was kidnapped from her homeland of West Africa and brought to America to be a slave. The Wheatley family purchased her and taught her how to read and write and beyond this they also taught her how to speak in Latin. Considering how things could have turned out for her she was considerably lucky to be with this family. This was a very unusual thing for slave-owners to do. Normally, slave owners did not value their slaves enough to teach them these basic skills. Along with being taught various subjects, Wheatley was fortunate enough to be able to…

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