The Role Of Islam And Islam

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The media is a powerful social agent, having the ability to influence a community or nations perception of a given minority group. Islam and the West have been the focus of American media sources since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Global media sources have a predominately negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims, generally categorizing them as violent extremists and terrorists. Following the 9/11 and Paris terror attacks and the establishment of the Islamic State group, ISIS, islamophobia, or the fear of Islam and Muslims, has peaked throughout the United States (Espiritu, 2015). F. A. Noor (2007) explained that the "Muslim identity and the concerns of Muslims are increasingly being defined in terms of an oppositional dialectic that …show more content…
“It would be hard for anyone to say that they have not ‘heard’ of Islam with the amount of coverage through so many different media outlets. However, because of media filters and biased reporting or media coverage, it’s impossible to control the presentation of hose who may not be familiar with the concepts and tenets of Islam.” She continues by explaining that since 9/11, Islam and Muslims have been victimized more so than prior to these terrorist attacks. Ismail concludes by addressing the reactions of the Islamic terror attack by saying there are two main reactions; one is curiosity, while being educated on the topic, while the other is hatred which ultimately leads to stereotyping (Salman, 2011). Muslim women, pre 9/11, stated that the media tends to stereotype Muslim males as violent and women as submissive. Following 9/11, Muslims were expressing that they felt that they were victims of a prejudice new media. An American Muslim Poll, in the United States, conducted in November 2001 concluded that 68% of respondents believe that the news did not portray a fair and accurate portrayal of Muslims and

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