The Road And Of Build A Fire Essay

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The Road and “To Build a Fire”: Parallels Amongst Two Unnamed Men

Both The Road and “To Build a Fire” present unnamed men journeying through difficult landscapes and trying to survive. The Road is about a man and his son as they are traveling “south, map in hand, no particular destination in mind except the ocean and the end of the continent” (Semeiks 1). The man and the boy are also in hopes of finding other “good guys” still like them. “To Build a Fire” is similar to The Road, however in the short story it is about a man and his husky dog that are trying to make it to the boys at the camp in time with the horrendous blizzard amongst them. In the end, both unnamed men have their main goal set which is to safely and securely find and arrive to their final destination. Although, both The Road and “To Build a Fire” are different stories, they resemble within some aspects, drawing parallels between the two such as calmness, persevere, and obstacles.
People face many tough situations but to get through them all, remaining calm allows for better results. Throughout the entire novel, the man has always kept his temper to the lowest of minimum towards his son. In a sense, it is understandable for the boy to ask questions. After all he is still young and growing, and his curious mind is exploring. However, as a reader, it is hard to believe that the man did not lose his temper at the boy when he forgets to turn off both the valves on the stove they were using, which…

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