The Rights Of Women During The Industrial Revolution Essays

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Rights of Women in Canada Before the Industrial Revolution

Women were not considered people until 1929 in Canada. Women were basically their father’s or their husband’s property. They faced many challenges in a patriarchal system that overlooked the views of women because they were not considered a person. Women were expected to uphold domestic roles and to make life more comfortable for their children and husband. Women were encouraged to fit into the set gender roles during that time, and many things (Things that are basic human rights such as the right to vocalizing one’s opinions or the right to a higher education), went against the traditional set of morals for a woman in that time. Girls from more wealthy families went to school but women’s education mostly centered around specializing in domestic activities rather than the academic subjects that their male counterparts would be studying. Women who challenged these patriarchal standards became vulnerable to the harsh scrutinies of their communities. Until the late 19th century, all of a woman’s possessions were legally her husband’s property. Married women could not hold their own businesses or own land as they could not sign contracts by themselves. This made it virtually impossible for women to carry out their own businesses and profit from them even if they wanted to. Women were not allowed to divorce their partners and most marriage laws were biased and favoured the husband. This meant that wives who endured…

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