The Right And Refuse Treatment Essay

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The Right to Refuse Treatment

The right of the individual to refuse both psychiatric treatment as well as medical treatment has been the subject of numerous court cases. The right of the individual to make their own decision regarding treatment remains true most the time. However, several cases have brought into question just how far that right extends, and to what degree to court should protect that right. The three pivotal cases for this study involve different questions about the right to refuse treatment, each requiring a decision to be made, and each setting a new legal precedent by defining limitations on when a patient should be forced to undergo treatment without their consent.
The first question, raised in the Application of President and Directors of Georgetown College, was whether a judge could allow a medical treatment facility should be allowed to treat a patient without their consent. The second question, in the case of Rennie v. Klein was in regards to a patient right to refuse treatment that would include the use of “psychotropic drugs” for those already committed to a mental health institution. (Craige) The third and final case for this report is that of Sell V. US, which asked the question about the use of forced medication to render the patient competent to stand trial, using medication. Each of these questions examined the patients right to refuse treatment from a different perspective, and each resulted in a decision which gave new guidance on…

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