The Return Of Martin Guerre By Natalie Zemon Davis Essay

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The return of Martin Guerre by Natalie Zemon Davis’ had critical like Robert Finlay, who is an traditional historiography. Finlay belived that focus is on Du Tilh and that everyone in the village was taken in by a master deceiver. Finlay, attacking Davis’ about the two sources she use to tell her story. Where Davis makes statements about Bertrande being suspected of complicity by the judges, Finlay says that “Davis presents no evidence for her contention” and that her theory “depends on her mere assertion that she has recognized a truth that apparently remained hidden” from both the villagers and the judges(1). Later he adds that Davis “offers nothing to counter Jean de Coras’s understanding of Bertrande’s innocence other than her own assertion…”(2) In general, Finlay believes that “Davis presents a scenario…” that “cannot be substantiated by the sources.”(3) Finlay dismissed her methodologies of new social historians where she use psychological reconstruction to blend intuition and assertion together. Natalie Zemon Davis replies to Finlay in her essay “On the Lame,” in which she notes the “difficulty in the historian’s quest for truth…” The idea that there is no one single narrative in history, but that there are many stories to be told, representing the varieties of experiences in the past, is foundational to the historiographical school of new social history and is another indicator of Davis’ affiliation.(4) Davis constructs her hypotheses on inference rather than…

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