The Response Of Nora And Nils Essay examples

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Krogstad is not a merely villainous character; he is sympathetic in some ways. He is trying to protect his children from harm, due to a bad choice in his past, and he is still hurting from loving Kristine Linde; who married someone else. He is determined, like Nora Helmer, to do what he must keep some moments in his past hidden. Both Nora and Nils have committed the same crime of forgery, and both of them know the response of Torvald Helmer is important to their future. Krogstad knows that his job is now controlled and threatened by Torvald, and he is threatening to expose the secret forgery that Nora committed in the past; he is the one who holds the loan papers. Krostad tells Nora, in Act II, “it’s your husband himself who’s forced me back to my old ways. I’ll never forgive him for that” (Ibsen 1758). Yet Krogstad does not stay with his old ways, Kristine restores hope and a new look at the future. Forgiveness does come from Krogstad, when the love of his past enters his life again; Nora has her hope of a miracle crushed when Torvald speaks cruelly to her. Nora sees that she is not truly the love of his life. In a way, Nora and Krogstad have exchanged both present reputation and future hope. Krogstad and his children have a mother, yet Nora will now live with the criticism of the town.
In this time controlled by men, Krogstad has options that Nora does not. Krogstad still has the ability to make choices of his own after Kristine suggests marriage to him; the two of them…

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