The Representation Of War : Saving Private Ryan And The Thin Red Line

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The representation of war in: Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line War films at times fail to capture the true essence of war, capturing the torment that war inflicts on individuals and groups is difficult to capture. The Thin Red Line presents itself as close to the reality of war that it can. It has no plot or pain characters instead men in a constant state of dread not knowing what will happen next. Saving Private Ryan however, is very different, there is fear and anger throughout the movie, but there the main characters have determination and are confident in completing their mission. When you place Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line besides one another you see sharp differences in the depiction of war, what it means to be a solider, and a war’s effect on soldiers. Saving Private Ryan “offers bloody D-Day heroics, adrenal stimulation and tearful sentiment, plus assurances that although war may be hell, it 's also a hell of a character builder” . Saving Private Ryan is a great Hollywood blockbuster war movie equip with tremendous battle scenes, a great lead star and supporting cast, humor, and an easy to follow plot of how 12 men put their life on the line to get Private Ryan home to his grieving mother. Saving Private Ryan is not a war in reality it is a mission to save a man against all odds in a time of chaos. The Thin Red Line however, “offers raw fear, combat numbness and moral uncertainty, plus assurances that war dehumanizes the men it doesn 't…

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