The Representation Of Gender, Race, And Social Class Essay

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The representation of gender, race, and social class in advertisements has significant relevance to the extent in which individuals are socialized through media. At a closer examination of these forms of visual media, more specifically advertisements, it is evident that concepts such as inequality and status are often linked to the products these advertisements try to promote to consumers, by inducing them with the lifestyle they will lead by purchasing the product. Through the use of media, it can be argued that the advertisements are often aimed in a hegemonic structure in which the few people who own these media outlets promote consumer consumption by placing the mentality of rewards to a high class lifestyle. Social class is not the only factor that is demonstrated in these advertisements, instead these advertisements are often geared to an audience while keeping in mind factors such as gender and race. Advertisements in magazines are created through a hegemonic structure that represents gender, class, and race through inequality and power imbalances between groups. In this paper I will use the conflict school of though, to argue that advertisements perpetuate stereotypes and create barriers between groups through inequality by using loose interpretations of gender, race, and social class in advertisements, in efforts to promote products to consumers.
The advertisements we are exposed to, from countless forms of media controls the message, products and representations…

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