Essay The Representation And Power Of Part Three

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In the Representation & Power of part three, explains that groups are engaged in political activity, always. The author stated that “the portrayal of deaf people as socially isolated, intellectually weak, behaviorally impulsive, and emotionally immature makes school psychology and counseling, special education and rehabilitation, appear necessary” (Lane, p.68). The author is explaining how deaf people tend to socially isolate because they don’t know how to interact and communicate with other people while hearing can do everything because they can hear. As being deaf person, we don’t have intellectual because we don’t understand what goes on or don’t have the knowledge. As being deaf person, our behaviorally impulsive, means that we don’t think before we react or say something to someone. Emotionally immature is basically how deaf people are raised in the environment, how they interact with others in everyday life, doesn’t know how to deal with their emotions, and it all begins with self-esteem and mental image of themselves. The school, including psychology, counseling, special education and rehabilitation, audiology, appear necessary to fix the deaf people, which will help us, being deaf how to deal with certain things, our future education, career, hearing loss, cure for being deaf, how we are doing in classes and everything. They created a law for deaf and help to benefit them and save us, deaf people. They basically want analysis deaf people and help them to bring back…

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