Essay on The Report 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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1) Comments for the author. Please include both general and specific comments regarding the report’s strengths and weaknesses, and emphasize your most significant points. General comments include (1) scientific soundness, (2) originality (if the research is an enhancement of an existing experiment or finding, please comment on the originality of the improved sections- usually in the discussions section they will state if they have done this), (3) degree to which conclusions are supported by the data, (4) appropriateness of the methods, (5) organization and clarity, (6) cohesiveness of argument, (7) length relative to the number of ideas and information, and (8) conciseness and writing style.
First and foremost, the report includes very clear images of the experiment in which the reader is able to visualize the beetle and its components extremely well. Additionally, the report is organized in a neat and efficient manner that helps the reader identify every section of the experiment. The authors are successful at introducing the reader to the experiment by explaining the circumstances and issues the African bombardier beetle faces every day. Following the abstract the authors explain the scenario by stating “Living at soil level, carabids are in constant danger from ants, against which they are protected by their dischargeable defensive glands”. Another strength of this specific paper is the effective and constant reference to the images that allow the reader to visualize…

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