The Religious Ideals Of Christianity, And Perpetua, By The Greeks And Romans

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She was standing in an arena filled with thousands of people, who were eagerly waiting for her execution. Before this happened, the rest of the Christian martyrs, her friends, were executed where they accept their death with dignity. The question was, would she do the same? Would she turn and run in hopes of living longer, or would she face her death with the same dignity? This girl was Perpetua, who became a prominent figure of the Christian faith. In result of her valiant act, she touched the lives of many and influenced them to convert to Christianity. While Perpetua was facing death, we saw many of the things that influenced her. The influences on Christianity, and Perpetua, were both by the Greeks and Romans and also by the Jewish community. Each of these had different aspects on their influential power in the way Christianity was shaped. The Greeks and Romans were responsible for the intellectual and cultural aspects of Christianity. The religious ideals of Christianity were formed from the Jewish teachings and ideas. Philosophy was very prominent during the Greek and Roman era. It shaped the way people thought about religion, happiness, and the good life. Many people devoted the philosophy of others to their personal life, in order to try and live the best life possible. The most influential philosophers at the time were Aristotle and Plato, who both agreed that there was “One” that was in control. Plato argued that there was an absolute goodness who is “The One”,…

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