The Relationship Between Money And Happiness Essay

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Guide to Buying Happiness
Not every human who has money is happy but every human who is happy surely have some money. The relationship between money and happiness has long been debated. Recent studies show that money does have an impact on our happiness. But the relation between money and happiness is not linear. Being rich does not guarantee happiness and being poor does not mean constant destitute. It’s the way money is used that increases happiness.
Before we discuss the ways in which money increases our happiness, it is important to understand what happiness really is. I conducted a survey in which I asked people of various demographics, age and cultural backgrounds, how would they define happiness. The responses were diverse, for some it meant seeing their loved ones happy, for others it meant helping people. But the bottom line, as one participant phrased it, “Happiness is peace within my soul.” Happiness is the satisfaction of our self, despite of its source. This self-contentment is what we are all striving for. So, if money increases happiness and happiness is the striving for self-contentment; does that mean every person with money is happy?
The answer is no. Money is not a source. It is just a tool. For example, having a fishing rod does not guarantee you will catch fish, unless you know how to use it. Likewise, money by itself will not bring happiness, it is the way we spend it that determines if it’ll bring pleasure or not. This is important to understand…

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