The Relationship Between Daisy And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzGerald first published in 1926, there were a lot of division between people with class and money. This caused a lot of up roar during the 1920s because of the boom in economy and the unfairness of how all the money was divided upon the citizens. There also was a lot of wealth because came about when the bootleggers made profit on the illegal sale of alcohol. There was a lot of mysteriousness between Gatsby and who he had worked for, when he had run off to answer his secret phone calls he made a lot of people question who he really was. This later caused people to make false accusations. There were many relationships within the novel that in a way were intertwined together such as, Daisy …show more content…
The relationship between Gatsby and Daisy had started way back before Gatsby had to go to war. When Gatsby had to go Daisy could not stand the thought of being alone and if Gatsby did return she wasn’t sure if he would be able to afford her. So Daisy decided to get married to Tom Buchanan who was a very wealthy man, but when Gatsby arrived back home he threw parties that he had hoped that Daisy would show up to. When Gatsby’s name is mentioned at the hose of Daisy and Tom, Daisy is surprised to hear of his name; “’You live in West Egg,’ she remarked contemptuously. ‘I know somebody there.’ ‘I don’t now a single-‘ ‘You must know Gatsby.’ ‘Gatsby’ demanded Daisy. ‘What Gatsby?’” (Pg.12 of TGG) Daisy wants to be with Gatsby but knows that she can’t leave Tom because they are married and they have a child together. Daisy feels the need to sneak around with Gatsby because she knows that she will never leave Tom, so that is the closest think she will get to leaving. When Gatsby is ready to tell Tom that Daisy never loved him but Daisy can’t say that she never has, because she has loved him and that will never change. Gatsby is trying to repeat the past with Daisy and the past can never really be relived. The reason why Tom lets Gatsby and Daisy drive back to the house together because he is just showing his superiority towards Gatsby and in a way telling him that he has Daisy for good and that will never change. Daisy’s relationship with Tom was also very strung out. Tom wanted daisy for show and to be able to tell everybody that this beautiful woman was his wife but also was unfaithful to her. By having a child with Tom Daisy felt that she could not leave Tom for Gatsby. Tom and Daisy were in love at one point of their relationship but have grown separate since. Daisy was caught in the middle of this love triangle with Gatsby and

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