The Reconstruction Of The United States Essay

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In a way, the Reconstruction of the United States is a prime example of why historiography exists for a number of reasons. The event happened so close in recent memory so as to occur in a time in which many records could be kept and in which history was already a well-established area of study. Furthermore, it is also so old as to allow for multiple interpretations throughout time and so impactful and controversial as to become a source for heated debates. Though history is the study of the past, it is important to remember that it is still a very much alive topic in that each era and its current issues greatly contribute to how past events are seen. The mutability of history and its dependence on current issues is seen through the starkly different interpretations of Reconstruction. Similar to the views on the Civil War, debate over what Reconstruction was began during the event proper. However, unlike war, there is no clear-cut winner, so people of different geographic areas can both consider whether Reconstruction was a success or failure. On one hand, Radical Republicans pushed through many progressive pieces of legislation that granted blacks more freedom than they had previously, including the right to vote in the Fifteenth Amendment. On the other hand, southerners pushed back the introduction of new freedoms for former slaves by passing Black Codes and implementing sharecropping so as to make people question whether much has changed because of the war at all.…

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