The Raven In Poe's The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

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Once upon a midnight, there was a high schooler who reads a deep story. That’s me, the author Edgar Allan Poe wrote a gothic literature called “The Raven”. To explain The Raven, the narrator is having a bad case of sorrow and a sort of depression caused by the lost of Lenore. She died and now he has no one, his friends and everyone has left him. Sitting in his home one night he heard someone or something knocking. Soon after a few trials of trying to find where this knocking is coming from, opens the window and in flies a raven that rests above his door on the so called Pallas. The Raven says nothing but the word nevermore as the narrator asks why the bird came to him.As the Raven stays longer in the home the narrator asks more questions and …show more content…
In turn, the Raven, even through his limited vocabulary, forces the narrator to face the reality that Lenore will return 'nevermore,' a fact that the narrator does not want to acknowledge”(“Edgar Allan Poe…”). Expounding on this source I believe this to be the same as my viewpoint on what this Raven is really symbolizing. The fact that the narrator doesn’t want to realize that his loved one is gone and this Raven is trying to get him to understand that with his limited vocabulary just shows that the Raven is just a never-ending reminder that she, Lenore is gone along with the rest of his friends. Also I found in another source that the Raven has other symbols that are the opposite of the usual ones in that it states, “ The bird's darkness symbolizes death; hence, death becomes a constant reminder, an imperious intruder. If taken in a broader context, the poem may be about the inability of man to escape his ultimate fate”(“Meaning of “The

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