The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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As Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Raven”, he employed life events, as well as symbolism to mold the plot line. After an initial skim of the poem, the reader may believe that this is nothing more than a scary story to tell around Halloween time. At a second glance, it is revealed that “The Raven” is strung together by many life events, symbolisms, and emotions that are haunting in their own beautiful way. Upon looking at the rhetorical situation of it, the reader can get a better understanding of the poem’s true purpose. The setting, characters, and descriptive words Poe applied throughout his works are what give them a dark, mysterious tone. He carefully selects analogies and metaphors, which hold true to the theme of the writing, while telling a whole different, underlying story. “The Raven” is an enthralling tale, filled with hidden meanings and motives.
The poem begins on a dark, dreary night in December. The narrator, who I assume is a male, is dreaming of his long lost love, Lenore. He is abruptly startled from his rest, when he hears a faint knocking on the door. As the mysterious purple curtains rustle, he is filled with fear. Apologizing to the visitor, he makes his way to the door. Upon opening it, he finds nothing but darkness. He calls out for Lenore, hearing nothing but his own echo in return. As he begins to retreat to his chair, he hears the knocking again, but louder. He decides to check the window, when none other than the raven swoops in. It perches upon a bust…

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