Essay about The Raven And Annabel Lee

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The Raven and. Annabel Lee
Try to imagine how you would feel if every family member you loved died. Edgar Allen Poe didn’t have to imagine this situation, he lived it. Poe had a miserable childhood. He lost many of his loved ones to death, which affected his mind. He became focused on death and the effects it left on those behind. His obsession with death can be seen in most of his writings. If one looks carefully at Poe’s writings, “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee” you can see this darkness. There are multiple similarities and differences between the two poems. Similarities include mythological references, symbolism, and repetition. The difference between the poems are mainly the differences between the narrator 's. The first difference is in the tone of the poems and next is the the effects of the woman 's death on the two narrators.
Both poems have mythological references. These references focus mainly on religious concepts of souls, angels, and demons. These references take both setting to a more mythological setting. The setting in Annabel Lee is simple, repeated only as a "kingdom by the sea." (Poe line 2). This lets the poem 's audience to place the setting just about anywhere they want. In The Raven, the setting is more focused to the reference "a midnight dreary" and the "ghost" created by the fire 's dying embers create an alternate reality (Poe lines 1 and 8). The "midnight dreary" line shows a time in the space between two days. This space sets the narrator up to…

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