Essay about The Rate Of Child Marriage

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Imagine you are a 13 year old girl, excited to finally become a teenager and do more grown–up things, like stay up until 11pm and watch PG13 movies with your friends. Now imagine you are a 13 year old girl waiting to find out who her new husband will be tomorrow. You have no say in who the male will be and where you will end up next. Every year, 15 million girls are married as children. They are denied the rights to proper health care, education, and are removed from childhood. Across the globe, each of these girls is sent away to live with a man with whom her parents find acceptable. This crime is primarily committed in India, where an estimated “47% of girls are married before their 18th birthday”, and is rarely prosecuted. While this rate for India is lower than in the past, the rates of child marriage for individual areas are as high as 69%, and “rates of marriage have increased for girls aged between 15 to 18.” If we do not begin to take steps to protect these young girls, there will be larger consequences to deal with for all of India.
Child marriage has been a tradition in India for thousands of years and is home to 1 in 3 child brides, according to IPS News. Due to the once short life expectancy of those in the area in earlier times, you were expected to marry young in order to reproduce and add to the population as much as possible. Although life expectancies are rising, as well as the population, child marriage has not seen its last days. These traditions cause…

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