Essay on The Radical And The Republican

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Abraham Lincoln is known as the president that brought Slavery in America to its deathbed. Frederick Douglass is known as a leading voice in the abolitionist movement. These two heroes of history have been studied tremendously by historians analyzing the impact they have had on our nation’s history. However, many people have not taken the time to connect the dots of history, connecting each character of history with another. That is what James Oakes has done with his book “The Radical and the Republican” an analysis and documentary on how these two men of history were connected. Oakes took great interest in showing the personal relation between Lincoln and Douglass, along with giving a brutally honest view of their personal lives through the great slavery debate in America. Many people have documented Lincoln’s journey to the abolishment of slavery. Many people have documented Douglasses journey of escaping the clutches of slavery on becoming a leading figure in the crying out for the freedom of slaves. Both men proclaimed the message: “Freedom or Slavery must become Law of the Land (1)” However, both men had a different journey to reach that point and a different style when it came to proclaiming that message. Douglass grew up as a slave, lived in a slave, cultural, and escaped it’s grips. Living through the pains of slavery Douglass message was unabashedly blunt, he spoke clearly of the horrors he suffered through and his pains. Every message he gave was emotionally…

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