The Quality Of Quality Advocates Essay

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Quality Advocates
1. What was W. Edwards Deming’s quality philosophy
Summers (2009) stated that, Dr. Deming considered “improving quality leads to decreased costs, fewer mistakes, fewer delays, and better use of resources, which in turn leads to improved productivity, which enables the company to stay in business, which results in providing more jobs.” (p. 27) Dr. Deming believed that quality could only be defined by customer satisfaction. “It also means that there are different degrees of quality; a product that completely satisfies customer A, may not satisfy customer B.” (Summers, 2009, p.27) Dr. Deming prepared his philosophy in the form of 14 points, which emphasized continuous improvement and according to Summers (2009) “is aimed primarily at management.” (p. 27)

2. In your own words, what was the purpose of Dr. Deming’s Red Bead Experiment
Dr. Deming conducted an experiment in which participants had to scoop 100 beads out of a box that contained 800 white beads and 200 red beads. The participants who scooped up red beads were scolded even though they had no control over the over the beads they collected. (Summers, 2009, p. 29) The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate how many times employees are punished unfairly for poor results, when in reality it is not the employee’s fault. Many companies have adopted systems or strategies that do not guarantee success, or are faulty in their design, which leads to poor results. I believe that this experiment was…

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