Essay on The Purposes Of Criminal Punishment

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1. The purposes of criminal punishment can simply be divided into two schools of thought: retributionists and preventionists. Identify, define, and discuss the several criminal law key term words that are associated with these two schools of thought and conclude with your opinion of which is the most effective.....or why all are concurrently effective. Be thorough since this is important concerning the purposes of punishment in a modern society.
1. Retributionists believes that the only way for offenders to really pay for their crimes is to feel psychological and/or physical pain inflicted upon them. In the Old Testament it has examples of retribution in it. Some of these examples are an eye for an eye and when one is strike down by another man the man is put to death. Retributionists look back at crimes that offender have committed and punish them for it. They believe that not only is society satisfied, but so is the offender because they were served justice. Society got pay back for the offender’s crime and the offender has to accepted responsibility through the punishment. Retribution and human nature correlate in a way. It’s natural for one to want to hate and hurt those who commit crimes such as murder, rape, and other violent crimes. Retributionists do exactly what human nature wants violent offenders to endure. Retributionists believe that retribution rests on capability and justice. Culpability is one who hurts someone deserves a punishment with the exception…

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