The Purpose and Ownership of 4 Local Business Organisations Essay

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The purpose and ownership of 4 local business organisations

|4 business organisations and their |Purpose |Profit free, not for profit, at |Size and scale |Linking the ownership to the size and |
|ownership | |costs, below costs | |scale of the business organisations |
|Cancer Research UK |Cancer Research is a cancer charity. They help people who |Cancer Research UK is not for |Cancer research UK is a large |Cancer research UK is a large size |
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Also they sell Chinese food. They |profit. |local business with 6 employees. |business so they only have 6 employees |
|The smallest type of business. Owned by |have delivery services so it’s easy for people who want to | | |work around Exeter. |
|one person but may employ a number of |buy Chinese food. The purpose of Far East Delight is sell | | | |
|people (only employ up to 20 people). The|goods and makes a profit. | | | |
|sole trader can keep all the profit each | | | | |
|year after paying tax. Is unlimited | | | | |
|liability which means you can lose

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