Why Is Louisiana Purchase Unconstitutional

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Through history people believed that some choices made by presidents were unconstitutional or they abused their power as president. The purchase of Louisiana made by Thomas Jefferson is one of the events that happened in history were people believed that the choice he made to purchase Louisiana was unconstitutional. The purchase of Louisiana made by Thomas Jefferson was constitutional and he didn’t abuse his power as president. There was nothing in the constitution that said the president couldn’t buy land from foreign countries. He bought Louisiana to avoid future war, collect new resources, and lastly it the purchase would expand land.
On April 30, 1803 the land of Louisiana that was owned by Spain then given to France, was bought by Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States that current time. Thomas Jefferson who was a strict constitutional follower was shamed and argued upon saying that he shouldn’t of have bought the land from a foreign country. Thomas Jefferson bought it from French minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand. Jefferson knew that he had messed up on buying it but had many reasons to do so. To expand America and avoid the future war that was to come if Thomas Jefferson didn’t buy Louisiana.
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People were angry that the president did a action that would surpass the president’s power. Also many believed that the president shouldn’t allow other nations to join the U.S and incorporate their government.” It destroys the perfect union contemplated between the original parties, by interposing an alien and a stranger to share the powers of government with them…” (Speech by Representative Roger Griswold) Roger was saying that if Thomas Jefferson was to buy Louisiana, France would probably try to strike dealing and propose that they should have their ruling of government be combined with the U.S government to change a few

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