Essay on The Publisher Of The Aiken Standard

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The publisher of the Aiken Standard, Ellen Priest, was also amongst the second half speakers who provided insight that proved to be helpful in developing a good understanding of leadership. Her job title of publisher of a newspaper got me thinking about the industry of paper media. This is an industry that suffered a huge hit when social media sky rocketed in the mid 2000’s. Companies that couldn’t change their business around in order to remain afloat in that time failed miserably. In order to lead in an industry that is threatened so much by the evolving of the world you have to be a risk taker and someone who isn’t afraid of change. Mrs. Priest recognized when she took the job that over 75% of their subscriptions are online and knew she would have to make adjustments to the company that would benefit both the web newspaper and normal print out. Jim Collins tells his readers that that should “continually question and challenge your recipe, but change it rarely” (Collins 146), this refers to his SMaC recipe which stands for Specific, Methodical, and Consistent. Collins believes that those three things are what attribute to someone being a good leader in the more uncertain and fast-changing environments. In theory, Mrs. Priest practiced his idea by not changing the whole style of the Aiken Standard but more a less taking some resource from the less popular paper printout and focusing a lot of attention on their web newspaper being that’s where everyone is receiving their…

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