The Public Surrounding Of Sydney 's Kings Cross Between 1998 And 2010

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The NSW government and ‘Medically Supervised (Heroin) Injecting Centre (Kings Cross): 1998-2010
This case study is based on findings obtained from articles and reports on the public injecting site in the urban location of Sydney’s Kings Cross between 1998 and 2010. In exposing and analysing the history behind the initiative of the NSW Governments harm minimisation program of ‘Medically Supervised Injecting Centres’ (MSIC).
Complexities associated with long-term injecting drug users, many of which may have never sought out professional medical treatment were now in the spot light after Kings Cross’s long reputation of unfettered drug abuse committed in public places. In recognising the previously unsuccessful and laborious approaches implemented by the community and local law enforcement in Kings Cross, a new approach was well overdue (Sharpe & Hatzistergos, 2010). Research shows that: injecting drug use is carried out by only a minute proportion; approximately 1.2% across the Australian community, with approximately half of that injecting population located within New South Wales (The Australian Drug Foundation, 2016), thus bringing into line, the issue, surrounding the growth of heroin Australia was witnessing by the end of the 90s.
The growing concerns and problems associated with drug injecting and other street-based drug activities were identified, along with consequences associated with public nuisance and public health. These political and external…

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