Essay about The Psychology Of Evil By Philip Zimbardo

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The topic in which I have selected is the TED talk given by Philip Zimbardo titled, ‘The Psychology of Evil’. I choose this topic because of my interest in criminal behavior and the psychology behind what makes a person commit crime. Zimbardo started by talking about his theory called the Lucifer effect, which is based around the idea that, “evil is the exercise of power” (Zimbardo, 2008). He then gives examples to explain what he means by this. Zimbardo also talked about Social psychologist’s theory and expands on it with his own knowledge to further backup what he was discussing. He concludes with proposing that every human is capable of being good and evil and that everyone will have to choose a side at some point in their life. Before watching this video, I had never thought about the idea of the line of evil or the views that people have about it. I also had never heard about the horrors that occurred in Abi Ghraib or seen the pictures of what had happened. Another thing I found very surprising was the results of Stanley Milgram’s Study in which people shocked others because a figure of authority told them to do so. One last thing that I found very interesting that I had never heard before was the theory that Social psychologists have about what makes a person evil.
Zimbardo explains the line of evil as a movable, permeable line in which good people can become bad and bad people can become good (Zimbardo, 2008). I was very surprised to know that so many people have…

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