Impoverishe Poverty In The United States

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Psychological effects due to poverty are stressful and damaging to an aging child. Children growing up in poverty are usually shamed and humiliated because of their living conditions. You will notice that this leads to insecurities as they grow and get into school realizing that their world is different from classmates. This leads a child to become isolated, being isolated is ok sometimes but spending excessive time alone not talking to friends, avoiding contact with others and being by yourself can lead a child into social isolation. Socially isolating yourself can lead to depression, shame and a low sense of self-worth (Santrock, 2015). This ruins a child’s ability to interact with others and form relationships.
A child who lives in poverty has many stressors that come with living in those conditions.
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Due to the background of an impoverished child and it usually being a generational curse causes failure of families, neighborhoods, and schools. The people who can fight the side effects of poverty are educators. Teachers are not just supposed to educate but they must play role of a co-parent. Motivating students to learn is half of the job, teachers teach a diverse classroom of students and they don’t all fit in the wealthy or middle class economic status some are below. Educators need to be knowledgeable about these issues, and help students cope with their circumstances. Because education is the best way to break poverty, teachers, counselors, and administrators need to be held accountable to maintain high education standards for students in poverty. Students who are focused surviving their conditions and feel like they must just accept where they are can be motivated. Educators should put forth the effort to promote and motivate academic performance to break the cycle of generational poverty in families, and push the student to do more and be

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