Essay on The Proteins Of Antarctica Fish

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Antifreeze Proteins in Antarctica Fish The shifting of the earth’s continents, a geological factor which has occurred for millions of years, changes our world. Hundreds of species live on earth and millions before our time have walked on its land and swam in its waters. Nevertheless those species change. They either adapt to anything life throws at them or they die off. It is an evolutionary process which is undergone time and time again. Species die and species evolve. Habitats alter and species alter with it. As the planet changes, life on it changes too.
When South America was connected to Antarctica millions of years ago, warm air from the north could flow into the waters down south. The Antarctic seas were much warmer than they have been in the last tens of thousands of years. The warmer temperatures millions of years ago once permitted for a larger diversity of sea life more so than the colder temperatures of Antarctica’s waters today. The continental plates altered and Antarctica became its own continent. A powerful water current encircled the new landmass, preventing it from obtaining warmer waters. The sea grew much colder and therefore the environment and aquatic life surrounding the area changed greatly. Not much life could withstand the cooler water temperatures. Most fish populations migrated elsewhere to warmer waters around South America. How could anything continue to live around Antarctica in an environment colder than a liquid’s freezing point? The…

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