The Minimum Wage In The United States

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The 21st century has brought many new innovations and ideas to society. One of which has caused a controversial debate over the current minimum wage over the last few years. Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law, meaning all regulated workers must make at least the dollar amount that the wage is at, currently $7.25 across America. The minimum wage was implemented in the Fair Labor Standards in 1938, by president Franklin D Roosevelt. Since 1938 the government has regulated the minimum wage based on inflation. Should the United States government still set the minimum wage today?
Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States was elected president in 1932. After six years of office, he wanted to make it fair for everyone
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The government needs to regulate the minimum wage to a fair standard across the nation like they have. The states then need to adjust the federal minimum wage depending on the rate of inflation and the economy in the state. If the federal government sets the minimum wage to be fair for a state like California of $12 or more, it will hurt a state like Idaho where a $7.25+ is a fair entry level wage. If the government sets a wage that is feasible for most states but gives the individual state itself the opportunity to raise the wage depending on circumstances, the United States could begin to climb out of poverty.
The 21st Century has a lot to look forward too, it also has a lot that is affecting the century. Minimum wage has been one of the biggest struggles America has faced. Since 1938 the minimum wage has been on a rise, for good and bad. As labor rights fought for higher minimum wages in 1968 they got it, according to Sherk of the Heritage foundation. (Sherk). After the wage was raised, there was a raise in price which caused inflation across America. Inflation is what the United States has seen in history and is something that could very easily happen in the near future with the raise of minimum

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