The Pros And Cons Of The Gardasil Vaccine

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My view point

After researching about the HPV vaccine and everything that relates to it, as well as looking into two quite different perspectives I have made a final decision relating to my original question. I believe in all honesty that the Gardasil vaccine should not be made compulsory, however those who do want it should get it done at an early age. At first I was all for the vaccine to be made compulsory because I thought everyone wanted to as immune as possible to the virus. However after more research the reason I changed was because a lot of people didn 't like this idea of being forced against their beliefs, culture religion etc. To some people they don 't see the vaccination as being worth wild, even though it does protect 70% of
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I also changed my viewpoint because at first I thought there were no health risks involved with the HPV vaccine. However as stated above there are multiple ways in which the vaccine can have negative effects, because of this reason I can see why some people would rather take their chances, as well as the fact that the vaccine still needs testing and only time can tell whether it is full proof or not. In saying this I believe that if people/families decide they want to get immunised then I have the view that it should be done at a younger age. This is because it gives the bodies the best chance of creating antibodies as well as becoming more efficient if the real HPV came along and thus a greater chance of survival against the cancers HPV can cause. The earlier it is given also means that there is less risk of contracting the virus and spreading it amongst others because they are not yet sexually active at the ages of 9-12. For example someone who gets the shot at 12 has less of a chance as someone who is there 20 's who is already sexually active. Although this younger age raises concerns about how it will make the younger population react in terms of sex I believe it is more beneficial to not run the risks of …show more content…
Firstly after analysis of the health benefits and consequences I believe that the government should create more awareness about HPV. Before this unit I had only heard about the human papillomavirus and I found this was the same for people around me. It seems that a lot of young people still don 't know what HPV is and how it can affect this. I would recommend more government and healthcare based visits into the school system to create more awareness about the vaccine and the options the school children can take. This could be beneficial not only for my generation but others to come. If our generation becomes aware about HPV vaccinations and what we can do to protect ourselves then I believe we can pass this information and view down to our children and so on. As a long term result we could see a decrease in the number of people who become victim to genital warts and cancer. This could then lead to save our government in the amount they have to pay healthcare professionals to deal with cancers, when in fact they could have been treated a lot earlier. However it has to begin with the first step of getting people aware of HPV. I believe the effectiveness of this action would be quite high. From just researching and having a basic knowledge of HPV I have become more aware about it 's consequences. If this was the same for all young people in New Zealand

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